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Our mission is simple yet powerful: We are collectively focused on providing comprehensive, customized, objective financial planning and wealth management advice. Our advisor team has more than 75 concerted years working to meet the varied and personalized needs of our clients. Our clients span across the globe, throughout industries and across generations, from retirees to high-ranking corporate executives, from hedge fund managers to business owners, licensed professionals and affluent families.

Simply put, our clients come first. We systematically plan according to the complexity and uniqueness of each particular situation. We are acutely focused on a process-driven model. Through that discipline we uncover the array of financial needs, goals, and concerns of our clients. We know the questions to ask, life’s transitions to anticipate, and the potential issues to plan for when developing and executing on a financial plan designed to adapt to your evolving needs. We look forward to putting our passion and collective experience to work for you.

Pictured from left: Kevin R. Luchetta, Stephen A. Schwartz, James L. DiNardo
Courage:  We have the strength, discipline and process that enables us to make difficult decisions and think outside the box for the benefit of our clients, the team and direction of our firm.
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Loyalty:  We exhibit integrity by interacting with our clients and colleagues ethically and with respect which builds trust and confidence.
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Commitment:  We are caring, fully dedicated and driven with purpose to help our clients and their families achieve financial security for a lifetime.
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Pictured from left: Kevin R. Luchetta, Paul D. Tortorella, Stephen A. Schwartz, James L. DiNardo
Exceptionalism:  Our enthusiastic spirit and drive for excellence enriches our efficient work environment that includes the best talent, teamwork, and a can–do work ethic.
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Impact:  With our creative insight and knowledge we enhance our clients lives through innovative financial planning strategies and concierge service.
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We have one of the best teams around

The Financial Times has recognized Pioneer Financial as one of the top financial advisors in the country. Many thanks to our hardworking team and our incredible clients. We couldn’t have done it without you.